project114 2020



Art Therapy uses creative and artistic practices to help people manage and recover from emotional trauma. 

Art therapy is an effective counselling tool to support healing for those suffering from trauma, grief and loss due to violence, persecution, abuse, war and displacement. I am completing studies in Art Therapy so that I can work with Simon to help Christian women and children who have experienced mild to severe trauma. 

I plan to also work in Australia with women and children from the refugee and indigenous community

                        - Allison -

Going through art

Even though I couldn’t go with Simon in person this time, I felt blessed to go with him through my art. I had the enormous privilege of seeing victims of the Easter Sunday bombings receive my art prints and poems of encouragement. Simon was able to arrange for the digital images to be framed for those who were injured or lost loved ones.
Meet Sneha. Sneha is 11. She was wounded in the explosion that killed 120 people. She  has been encouraged by this art piece I created called "The Team Garden" based on Psalm 56:8 

- Allison -

For speaker bookings and all other enquiries:

“Simon and Allison have brought a message of strength to our church that is unique, courageous and full of hope!  We need to hear it!  
We have the privilege of journeying with them as they raise up churches and support Christians in places where persecution is common place.
Our eyes have been opened, and so have our hearts.
I wholeheartedly recommend the vision and work of Project114;  I believe the relationship we have established with them will equip us also to stand strong in the increasingly turbulent times ahead for the Christian Church in Australia.”

Pastors Jim and Venese White

Seacoast Church Ballina 

Richard Daniel 

Partnership Director CVGlobal

"It’s a wonderful project headed up by to very committed people. 
 When you hear Simon speak you can hear and see the passion and his personal understanding of the persecuted church. 
 I’m happy to recommend you to speak to Simon about Project 114. 
 You will be a supporter as soon as you do!"