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Steer Incorporated is a Not for Profit organisation set up in 1961 to specifically help Christian Mission supporters give to build the Kingdom of God in a tax effective way. There are five programs that supporters of Project114 INC can use to support this healing ministry. 

1. You may have some money sitting in a term deposit that is earning very little. If you give from that, the capital will shrink and you will have even less. Alternatively, you can place the money as an interest free loan into our Steer 31 account. We invest that money and we pay 5.5%, not back to you, but at your request send it to Project114. We charge no fees and you don’t pay tax as it is not interest bearing. Capital can be withdrawn at 31 days’ notice.

2. You may have an unencumbered investment property. You can place that with Steer, we pay the rates and water etc and once again, you can send the remaining income to Project114.

3. You may be a farmer who grows grain. You might like to lease at a peppercorn rate a portion of you farm to Steer. The grain that is grown on that portion leased to Steer is our grain and sold in Steers name. Steer can then send the proceeds to Project114.

4. Alternatively, you may grow livestock. The animals are sold to Steer at a nominal rate as babies and when they grow are sold in Steers name. Steer can then send the money to Project114. Some farmers run a separate small herd along with there own herd and manage them together.

5. You may have a Family Trust. We can’t offer you a tax benefit but we do offer flexibility. If you make a distribution to Steer, we can then at your suggestion, send the money to Project114, send it anonymously if needed, or hold some back in your account for emergency purposes.

All of these funds can be sent to Project114 to provide assistance for their healing ministry to traumatised people in persecution, crisis and war. 

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