• total population 6.8 million (2020)

  • 1.7 million are refugees

  • has the largest per capita population of refugees in the world


10 years of conflict in Syria has created the worst humanitarian crisis of this century so far, with women and children accounting for more than half of all refugees.


Tens of thousands of women are now the sole provider for their children. Many have left or lost most of their relatives in other parts of the country. Now, as refugees, they carry not only the burden of raising their children through an on-going crisis but also managing their own emotional trauma as well.


Approx. 1.5 million refugees now live in Lebanon. Our Reignite Hope project seeks to bring healing and encouragement to refugees living in Lebanon.


To do this, Allison has created a brand new Tear Garden poem and painting, based on her original artwork from 2 years ago. Here is her original painting and the new Arabic version.


Our partners in Lebanon have translated the poem into Arabic along with Psalm 56:8 which reads, 'You have collected all my tears in your bottle'. Allison was very careful to make the image culturally appropriate and faith neutral to ensure it can be used anywhere in the Middle East without causing offense.


Some 500 copies of the Arabic Tear Garden have now been printed and are being distributed to refugees living in Lebanon.

This is our first step towards launching our Planted for Purpose Trauma Healing and Reconciliation course in this region. The course workbooks are currently being translated into Arabic and we are working closely with our partners in Lebanon to establish an in-country coordinator.

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