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Sri Lanka Ministry

Our ministry in Sri Lanka began when Simon was invited to teach about Christian persecution at a conference there in February 2019.  He was supposed to still be in country on Easter Sunday, but returned earlier for another appointment. As we know, the Easter Sunday bombings were some of the darkest days for God's people in Sri Lanka and one of the most devastating terrorest attacks. 


The people of Sri Lanka have endured heartbreaking tragedies, with a twenty year civil war, ending in 2009, two tsunami's, ongoing flooding and a terrorist attack. There is a high degree of compounded trauma across the country. 

On Easter Monday Simon and Allison sprung into action, and began working with pastors, churches and NGO's in the country, by initiating a trauma care initiative. They are coordinating a strategy to help the victims of the bombings and many other people who have been traumatised through tragedy and war. One of the greatest needs for Christians under persecution, is pastoral care and support to cope with the trauma of such events and to have access to training for ongoing hope and courage in the oven of progressive pressure. See below to find out more.

Sri Lanka Trauma Care

Trauma Care Plan

Through research and on the ground relationships we are providing opportunities for organisations and churches seeking to understand the impact of trauma in Sri Lanka and in other countries where tragedy or persecution has occurred. 


Helping school, university and ministry students and  church leaders gain experience in a range of approaches in assessing levels of trauma  across a nation and learning how to build  relationships and work toward  reconciliation with and between effected people. 


Providing churches and Christian communities with tools for a more wholistic level of ministry to unreached or “Samaritan” people groups by equipping them with the tools to identify and help traumatised people in a Christian way.  

Equipping the church

in Sri Lanka

We are involved in other ministry in Sri Lanka, so please message us to find out more

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“Simon and Allison have brought a message of strength to our church that is unique, courageous and full of hope!  We need to hear it!  
We have the privilege of journeying with them as they raise up churches and support Christians in places where persecution is common place.
Our eyes have been opened, and so have our hearts.
I wholeheartedly recommend the vision and work of Project114;  I believe the relationship we have established with them will equip us also to stand strong in the increasingly turbulent times ahead for the Christian Church in Australia.”

Pastors Jim and Venese White

Seacoast Church Ballina 

Richard Daniel 

Partnership Director CVGlobal

"It’s a wonderful project headed up by to very committed people. 
 When you hear Simon speak you can hear and see the passion and his personal understanding of the persecuted church. 
 I’m happy to recommend you to speak to Simon about Project 114. 
 You will be a supporter as soon as you do!"