Inspired by Philippians 1:14 and the ministry of Epaphras the Apostle Paul's helper, we strengthen Christians persecuted for sharing the gospel, and bring back their faith and courage to help Australian Christians share Jesus boldly and beautifully

"Because of my chains......' Philippians 1:14


Allison Rattray

Allison is a watercolour artist working towards qualifications in Art Therapy. Allison has a passion to reveal glimpses of God’s glory through her art. ‘All of creation displays the wonder and beauty of God, Ps 19:1– I hope, in a small way, my artwork reflects God's glory and reminds us to live out our faith and witness boldly and beautifully.’

Simon Rattray

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Simon grew up on the mission field in Indonesia. Simon has experience in pastoral ministry, and has worked as a musician, and trainer in leadership and community development. Simon has ministered alongside persecuted Christians in the third world, smuggling bibles, caring for victims of trauma and distributing aid. Simon feels an urgency to learn from them to help prepare the western church for bold witness.





                                            Who's this Epaphras guy? 


Epaphras was one of the Apostle Paul's helpers on Paul's missionary journeys. He was especially helpful to Paul when Paul was persecuted and imprisoned. Paul said that Epaphras "risked his life to make up for the help you could not bring me (Phil 2:30)." Epaphras brought Paul encouragement and support from the churches in Philippi and Ephesus. He also brought back Paul's instruction and teachings to inspire the believers to stand firm  and bring hope and a new vision of humanity to a world saturated with injustice, cruelty and the vicarious love of death. Epaphras also smuggled out the first manuscript of the book of Philippians. Paul was speaking of Epaphras sharing his stories when he said, "And because of my chains, most of the brothers and sisters have become confident in the Lord and dare all the more to proclaim the gospel without fear." Philippians 1:14."

With Epaphras as our example, we use innovative strategies that combine biblical teaching, visuals and art, to inspire, serve, support national or indigenous Christians in their own countries who are reaching unreached people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being persecuted for it. The fiercest persecution comes when people once chained for hundreds of years in the lies and darkness of Satan, are set free by the truth and light of Christ. Satan won't go quietly. Christians who risk everything to cross ethnic and geographical boundaries to reach the unreached, will always be persecuted. Suffering and persecution is the cost for making Jesus known (Matthew 10:22, 1 Peter 4:12). We believe we can learn the most from these fearless believers as we prepare the western church for robust faith, and courageous witness amidst the fall of morality and the rise of anti Christian ethics and values. 

'Caring for Christians persecuted for sharing the gospel. Learning from their fearless witness'


Our ministry is unique - we can partner you and your church directly with churches and Christians in restricted countries. We have church planting and discipleship projects in six regions of the globe.

If you would like to partner directly with our colleagues on the front line or use our resources to start your own project, please contact us

 Equipping  national missionaries to reach unreached people groups with the gospel

Empowering faith by partnering western Christians with believers in restricted countries

Educating current and next generation leaders with tools for discipleship and multiplication


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For speaker bookings and all other enquiries: